Hey, Barry here. 

I want to discuss what, for many, is a taboo subject.

You see, everyone knows that to have a profitable sales funnel, you need to have a portfolio of your own products...

Free products to attract leads, tripwire products to find buyers and upsells to develop buyers into repeat customers.

This is what every online marketing coach will tell you.

But product creation is very time consuming and, for beginners quite daunting.

It's a good job there is a way to short cut the whole process by utilising...

PLR products

Busy Father Cuts Down Product Creation From Days to Hours - And Multiplies His Income

Discover The Secrets To Having Your

Own Unique Products Without Having

To Create Them Yourself!

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Build Your Own Customer Base and Profit From Your Own High Quality Products

The EASY Way

But do you find the idea of creating digital


  • Time Consuming?
  • Difficult?
  • Confusing?
  • Annoying?

Maybe a bit like this?

It's OK... You Are Not Alone

It comes as no surprise when you look at everything you need to do...

  • Niche Research
  • Audience Research
  • Product Research
  • Product Planning & Story-boarding
  • Writing An Ebook
  • Making & Editing Videos
  • Making Graphics
  • Writing Sales Copy
  • The list goes on & on!

What If I Could Show You An Easier Way?

  • Where all the market research is done for you
  • Where all of the product content research is done for you
  • Where all of the planning is done for you
  • Where all of the content creation has been done for you
  • Where all of the graphics have been done for you
  • Where the sales copy has been written for you

A way that shortcuts the whole product creation process and enables YOU to sell relevant, unique products in your sales funnels!

Making YOU more money whilst building your own loyal customer base

Would that make you feel a bit more like this?

If you want to build an online business 

with sales funnels that make money on autopilot, you need to have attractive, viable digital products that your leads can buy. Makes sense, right?

From the desk of Barry Rodgers

But wait...

What's that? 

An elephant entering the room?

For those who don't know what PLR is, it stands for "Private Label Rights". If you buy a product with Private label Rights (or sometimes called "White Label") you can use that product as your own.

You can call yourself the author, you can edit it, break it up into bits, re-purpose it into different formats...pretty much anything you like (only restricted by the individual license terms).

OK..Let's discuss the elephant 

The BIG elephant in the room when talking about PLR products is, of course...

"Isn't all PLR content just a steaming pile of elephant dung?"

Now, while there are a good deal of PLR products that do fall into the "steaming pile of doo-doo" category, there are also some amazing products out there with PLR or White label rights. I mean awesome products that will sell and deliver fantastic value.

But, if you know what to do with it, even less than stellar PLR products can save you a massive amount of time and anguish.

If you don't believe me, continue reading. You will be surprised....

OK, you can leave now, big fella

The KEY phrase is 

"If You Know What To Do With It"

Let me ask you...Do you fall into one of these Categories...

1. "I have never used PLR Products"

Maybe you have never heard or PLR before. Maybe you were always under the impression that it was all rubbish.

Maybe you are simply promoting affiliate products and are neglecting to have your own products to build a customer base.

You are missing out - big time!

2. "I have Loads of PLR Products on my hard drive"

Loads of people tend to "collect" PLR products.

They buy them and download them but never get round to doing anything with them.

Maybe because they don't know how or just that it all seems a lot of work

3. "I have tried using PLR Products but never made a dime"

If this is you, I am guessing you just changed the buy button and author name on a PLR product sales letter, chucked it up on the net & expected to get a load of customers from…. 

Gawd Knows Where?

You did not know the "Secret Sauce" that makes PLR work for you, day in & day out!

If so, it's not your fault!

You probably never got shown how to use PLR content properly (read that as "profitably"). You see, if you know what to do with it...what is possible, PLR content can be a goldmine.

Which is why I released a training course in 2013 called "Complete PLR Mastery"

This course helped hundreds of people discover how they could think about PLR laterally and use PLR in a variety of ways that they hadn't thought of. 

It still sells today......

But a lot has changed since then.

New types of products, new ways to use them. Not to mention some case studies.

I was going to add some new videos to the training but, I decided to do better than that...

I decided to re-make the whole training from the ground up


Finally - You get the step-by-step information you need to make real, spendable money from PLR products

I hve been making thousands from PLR products for years and here are just a few of the things you will discover inside Complete PLR Mastery 2.0...

  • Exactly where to find the highest quality PLR content (video 3)
  • The one type of PLR that is MUCH more valuable than any other (video 3)
  • Little known free tools that make re-purposing PLR quick & easy (video 6)
  • How to "borrow" authority for quick and easy paydays (video 8)
  • The golden nugget that comes free with most PLR that most sellers ignore (video 9)
  • The one reason why most PLR sellers fail and how to avoid it (video 9)
  • My "circular income" strategy that multiplies my income and earns me thousands (video 12)
  • The power of the "bloody Hell" PLR Offer (video 13)
  • Plus loads more golden nuggets too numerous to mention here

And There's More....

I have included some real life simple case studies of how I have recently profited from PLR products...

  • How I turned $37 into $732 in just 48 hours with around 4 hours of (easy) work
  • How I entered a sub-niche I know very little about and made money immediately
  • How I rebranded a simple software product and made over $3.5k and counting
  • How I made over $7.5k just by adding extra value to existing PLR products
  • How I bundled royalty free content into a membership funnel that initially paid out over $2.k with people still paying monthly

All of this was quick & easy to do... You can do this too!

So here's what you are getting today...

Full 22 video step-by-step training on how you can finally profit from PLR

Fully re-made from scratch to be completely up to date ensuring you can profit from the information today!

Extra module giving you business models and easy to implement ideas to profit quickly

Real life simple case studies showing ways I have recently profited from PLR products

But That's Not All...


Bonus 1

Tony Shepherd is one of the few marketers whose emails I always open.

I am proud to be able to offer this product that gives his take on using and profiting from PLR.

This material compliments my course perfectly and goes into some other aspects in detail.

Bonus 2

This short and no-fluff report from top online marketer, Kevin Fahey will give you an introduction to Facebook Ads.

You will need ways to get traffic to your funnels and Facebook is the hottest and most powerful traffic platform right now.

This will get you started in the right way!

Bonus 3

This is a reply of a webinar I made for people who had bought a $297 product

It covers how to best put together funnels and sequences for maximum profits

Use this to position the products that you claim as your own from PLR


If you have never used PLR to build your own products - 

YOU need this course

If you have PLR sitting gathering dust on your hard drive -

YOU need this course

If you have tried using PLR and have made no money -

YOU need this course

It's about time that YOU finally get the keys to using PLR to short cut getting your own unique products out there and making $$$ from your online funnels!


All you have to do is take action today

Make the smart decision and get hold of this valuable training

You are protected

by my fair guarantee

Not only do we use secure shopping cart technology to process your order, you are also protected by the fair satisfaction guarantee.

If you don't feel that you have received true value from this course and the free bonuses, you will need  

to enter a support ticket within 30 days explaining why to the support desk and we will issue a refund. PLEASE NOTE: You have read this page and know what you are getting..."I changed my mind" or "It's not for me" are not valid reasons.


Will I need anything to follow what you teach?

You will need a domain name and hosting and an autoresponder service.

These are the basics that you will need to build an online business whether you use PLR content or not.

How Is The Training Delivered?

You will have an account automatically created for you in the membership area when you make your purchase.

You simply log in and all of the training is there for you.

Is this "newbie friendly"


In fact if you are a beginner, utilising PLR content is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your first digital products up for sale

Do you cover how to get traffic?

The main course doesn't cover this which is why I added two bonus products that both address traffic.

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